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Countdown to our Conductive Education Retreat in Netley Abbey

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Hampshire, Netley Abbey, Interior

Netley Abbey appears to have been a popular place for the Austens to visit. This is a quote from Claire Tomlin’s “Jane Austen A Life.”

Even in ruins, the abbey continued to be influential, inspiring Romantic writers and poets.


“There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.” Jane Austen

I am busy making last minute arrangements for the 2015 Conductive Education Holiday Retreat for our children most of them who have been with us since they were tiny and now teenagers and grownups 16-25 years old.

We will have a very precious addition to our group from Germany a young lady, who is joining us first time!

My daughter Sophie and our trusted driver Tony will be waiting for her at London Heathrow and driving her down to Netley Abbey.

The excitement is growing daily as I am going through my list of things to do before collecting the keys on Saturday afternoon to open the doors of the big house we are renting that will host a variety of activities, including family meals for all our children and adults who have been with us over the years and will be visiting too!

I love sharing it with everyone who would like to see how one can run Conductive Education Retreats in style and beauty with as much fun as possible!

We are the first and only one, at the moment, but I hope that we will inspire others to experience the joy of giving this opportunity to children and adults whose lives are effected by neurological conditions.

As Evita my friend and coach would say:

What else is possible?

                    How does it get better than this?

                            How does it get even better than this?

              How can I have fun with this?

: )))

              Attitude: You haven’t seen anything yet!

Ps. As I was writing this post I had a text from Alastair the owner of the property, thanking me for booking and giving me all the necessary codes to access different parts of the house, finishing with “the pool is warm, hope you have a lovely break!”


This year our summer course will take place in a stunning property which is situated in an exclusive, gated development, within 100 acres of conservation woodland, in a delightful southern Hampshire village. This impressive, detached residence is set in three acres of grounds, complete with a lake and an indoor heated swimming pool. We will have 2 more students joining us than last year and one of them is coming from abroad!
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”– Mark Twain

It has been our long held dream to be able to offer Conductive Education in a residential retreat setting. To create possibilities for individuals and groups to access Conductive Education programmes within beautiful surroundings that lift people out of their ordinary lives, nourish their senses and nurture their souls while providing the essential consistency which is the heart of the Conductive Education System. This dream had become a reality 3 years ago. Since then we have been having a fantastic time running retreats in different beautiful locations in the UK and abroad.

We search for places which are unique and provide our participants a holiday of a lifetime, while strengthening their commitment to their health and well being by being able to access and utilise the philosophy and practice of the Pető System.

Although this course is now closed we would like to invite you to participate in and enjoy our future retreats. Give yourself the gift of well being in stunning locations. But most importantly, use what you learn with us! In order to attain the well-being you desire and deserve you must wave the philosophy and the practice you learn during our retreats into the fabric of your everyday life. Please send your interest by e-mailing me at



Mandy’s Tandem Skydive- for Project Stand By Me on the 29th July 2015

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Project Stand By Me

Project Stand By Me is my lifelong dream and vision that I have kept in my heart for over 35 years!
Ever since I became involved with Conductive Education at the age of 18 when I started my training at the Pető Institute, I had a strong desire to create an outstanding service in an incredibly beautiful environment providing a seamless provision from childhood to adulthood for children and adults with neurological problems and for their families .
‘Project Stand By Me’ is the legacy of the life work of Dr András Pető, a Hungarian Physician (1893-19670). A reminder of his outstanding ideas and the significance of their existence in the world of humanity.
Our aims are to preserve the qualities and unique features of our work, following our heartfelt calling to help, guide and lead humanity to become more, against all the odds.
Project Stand By Me is a community of like minded and light hearted individuals who have a calling and a desire to bring their special gifts, qualities, talents and wisdom to the project, ultimately creating an amalgamation of supporters and partners to manifest a powerful mastermind.

Everybody needs someone to stand by them. This project is the platform for experiencing and enjoying the power of giving, receiving and paying it forward.

Please read about Project Stand By Me here: Project Stand By Me ♥ final 1

Mandy Skydive


On the 29th July 2015 Mandy Elliott will be taking part in a tandem skydive, dropping almost two miles out of the sky to raise sponsorship for Project Stand By Me.

Please sponsor Mandy if it is close to your heart what Project Stand By Me stands for and offers!

It is your time to show your support.

Project Stand By Me provides empowering solutions and creative lifestyles for people with neurological disabilities. Please visit for more information.

To achieve this, Project Stand By Me is currently in the process of securing funds for a building where the project will be based. All money raised from the skydive will go towards a building where Project Stand By Me will be based.
A £25 sponsor will buy a brick for the building. All sponsors names will be engraved on a special plaque on the building.

Thank you for your support on behalf of our team at Project Stand By Me.

For the future generation to come!