Listening to our conscience; working intuitively 10 Questions

Before reading this, I want you to know that I recognise that these may be difficult questions to answer. And that’s ok! I believe they are important to think about.


I wish for everyone to enjoy their work and to be fulfilled. My intention is to inspire you creatively.  But I also invite you to ask yourselves these questions:


  1. Have we become so concerned with fitting in that we lose sight of the power of the Peto System and forget about the individuals and everyone (and everything) that is directly involved?


  1. Do you let mainstream therapy and special education trim down and shape our precious system of conductive movement pedagogy, which we have been handed down by the late Andras Pető, or do you work in alignment with the ethics as a conductive pedagogue?


  1. Should we also ask and truly address where we are going as conductors and how we are contributing to the destruction or the strengthening and preservation of the original Pető System?


  1. Could we be fully involved with the process?


  1. Could we even bear to witness it?


  1. Can we also ask the question- do our every day decisions reflect our values ethics and our beliefs?


  1. Are we disconnected from our fundamentals?


  1. In our practice do we carry on with and participate in delivering something which we know is disconnected from truly listening to our conscience?


  1. Beyond that should we not also be listening to our feelings, sensitivities, and emotions?


  1. And lastly, can we tap into our intuitive power in our daily work backed by mutual knowledge, understanding, trust, sharing and working in a cohesive team?


Remember every single day we are dealing with and influencing somebody’s life…


including ours…




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