Mária Hári about Pető András (1893-1993)

“We now know that the System of Conductive Education is specifically a humanist social education, a complex educational system which takes serious account of emotional and cognitive functions.

Many scientist regard it as one of the most outstanding developments of 20th century rehabilitation and education work, since as regards integration, it was far in advance of its time.

Pető’s Conductive Education occupies a significant place in the system of education of the 20th century.

Pető put his opinions and theories into effect in real life with great precision and their validity was proved by the results which were achieved.

His education demonstrated the complex nature of the human organism, and following on from this the programme and system which made use of the connections and interactions reshaped rehabilitation work and in essence laid the foundations of the independent science of conductive education and conductive education collage.

For his work professor Pető received several disciplinary warnings, but also -at the end of his life- recognition. “

Mária Hári MD

Pető Centenary – Preface (page 4)  from Pető András (1893-1993) Budapest, 1994 September AGRO-PRINT Kft 94/156)

Photo: Pető és a jövő konduktorai.



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