My writing journey 2

I was sitting in the dark last night on the South coast of England wondering about what did just happen after reading an email that arrived at my mailbox in the early evening.

I had a very productive Sunday. My mind was flooded with ideas and honestly, it was the first day I have actually enjoyed my writing. I was so looking forward to that feeling of joy and inspiration mixed with actions manifesting my vision in front of my eyes and it happened.

I even told my daughter over the phone along with the idea that came to me about  ‘a book in the book’.

Then the email arrived from the illustrator that after the first three initial drawings he will no longer want to work on the book.

It was totally out of the blue and after my initial response of disbelief tears flooded my eyes. I don’t cry often…

I felt the same way once in my life when as a little girl  I started in a new school. I was about 7 years old and we were playing in the school’s garden during the break while eating our sandwiches. I was standing there alone because I didn’t know anyone, when a small blond girl ran up to me from behind, grabbed my long ponytail, and pulled me back down to the ground leaving a big chunk of my hair in her hand. She was so unbelievably strong.

It was also totally out of the blue, the pain was so strong and left me wondering in the same way ‘what did just happen’…

I didn’t know her, never seen her before and she didn’t say a word. I picked up my beautifully ironed ribbon from the ground with tears flooding my eyes. Noone came to help and I didn’t tell anyone until now. I went back to class and ensured that when we were in the garden I had one of those huge trunks of chestnut trees behind me. I leaned on it so to be safe.

I have no explanation for either of these stories. All I know that I cannot afford to stay with the pain for too long as it could consume me.

I must focus on using this pain to channel it to make the book even better.  I have written to the illustrator straight away telling him that I wouldn’t have chosen him If I didn’t believe that he was the best for the job and that I love his work.


He didn’t answer my email yet, so the window of opportunity for us working together is slowly closing.

The book might be without illustrations or I will have to find someone else. I will let you know.


I was going to write about something else today. In short, I was going to ask you if you could remember what was written on the typewriter on the first blog post I published under the name of My writing journey.

I was wondering if you have noticed it? Did you?

This is just one of the examples I wanted to use to show you -that we don’t always see things that are right in front of our eyes.

Our perceptions of the world are very unique to each of us along with our interpretations of what is perceived.

When one attempts to change the norm of what we focus on while training the mind to search for different clues from the norm and see life, disabled children, and adults with a different eye one has a great job to accomplish.

Dr. András Petö took upon this job and our job is to share his work with the world for the benefit of humankind.





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