One of the hardest things

is when the mother is unable to grow with their child.

Everybody is a leader, you are leading somebody, you are leading someone, even if it is just your pet animal, or a friend or a family member, etc.

Make sure that you turn them into assets for their own sakes.

Mothers are leaders.

Our job is to teach parents to create disciplines and routines that inspire and teach their children to take responsibility so they don’t have a chance or less and less time to familiarise themselves with dysfunctional experiences.

The way we do anything is the way we do everything in conductive.

We do not exercise.

We learn movements for functioning and actions necessary for living.

Really it is very simple and can be translated into two fundamentals.

  1. Having the correct actions
  2. Really caring about that they get results

Simple things are sometimes the hardest.

Time after time parents enrolling in our services after have been accessing ‘conductive education’ from other conductive service providers, they are surprised about what we do.

The most common comments -oh isn’t it too hard for him? – it is too much- he can not do that! -this isn’t what we did at …-he is not ready for that.


One of the hardest things is when the mother is unable to grow with their child.

Because of their expectations based on the low standards in the education and health systems designed for their children with neurological conditions.

  • In those systems how many movements did children learn during the day?
  • How many possibilities were they allowed to explore?
  • How many times a day were they given opportunities to challenge their bodies?

The poor role modells that mothers are guided by since their child’s diagnosis breed the mentality of default in failure instead of default in success.

It creates their expectation closer to their known or what they are familiar with, instead of the vast amount of possibilities that are there for them to explore.

They only dare to think within options that the mindless health and safety policies, political correctness, and researches that are looking at specific parts without taking into consideration the whole functioning human being, and false understanding of how the body works allow them.

One of the hardest things is when the mother is unable to grow with their child.











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