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Each of our services has an overriding message and purpose, pointing to something larger than itself…

We offer unique leading-edge services based on the Pető System, that are tailor made to individual needs and aspirations without the often-unnecessary restrictions of the medical and special education models.

We are a private service allowing us to carry on freely with maintaining the old school qualities of Dr András Pető’s theory and practice, our experience includes first-hand training and qualifications from the Pető Institute in Budapest. Priding ourselves on being able to transfer these qualities and implementing them in modern provisions in contemporary settings.

We have a unique team of committed individuals who choose to work together; a combination of senior Hungarian and British conductors and our crew of professionals with a variety of backgrounds with exceptional personal and professional qualities.


  • Believes that your perception of this reality is uniquely your own.
  • Knows and teaches that there is life beyond a neurological diagnosis -A life of the best quality possible which means moving beyond diagnosis into greater independence, health, wellness and fulfillment.
  • Inspires growth, transformation and she is not afraid of moving beyond limiting boundaries and helping you to do the same.
  • Is the force to upend people’s expectation in neuro-rehabilitation.
  • Has taken on the responsibility of becoming the voice for the ethical conductor and conductive practice.
  • Has combined her theoretical and practical knowledge of Conductive Education, her training in energy healing, coaching, understanding from reading countless books on different concepts and philosophies about human transformation (manifesting in a physical form but created on a energetic quantum level). All combined to establish a practice which is unique to any other.
  • Believes that laughter is the best healer and it is a fundamental pillar of her work.
  • Shares inspirational stories which makes her method of teaching unique.

My passion is 

the mystery of the self, human potential, who we are as individuals and what we are capable of despite of having a neurologically based dysfunction.

Since Dr Mária Hári ‘s first lecture to us, I had a mission and  I looked for answers from within the human being instead of merely focusing on the outside physical.

I have spent nearly four decades of my life observing, investigating and working with children and adults and their families to understand more about the complexity of their every day needs  and wants, aspirations, values, beliefs, attitude, perceptions and preferences, to be able to create strategies that work faster and best for them.

I have also researched the way professionals view neurological disabilities and how they intervene while working with them closely, teaching them, observing their ways and methods within rehabilitation, medical and special educational settings worldwide. 

This led me to create services which are unique and tailor made to individual needs without the often unnecessary restrictions of the medical and special educational models.

We were the first ones to offer children and adults conductive holiday retreats in 5 star settings and created opportunities for learning and growing together during a holiday of a life time.

It is an opportunity for individuals and groups to access Conductive Education programmes within beautiful surroundings that lifts them out of their ordinary lives, nourish their senses and nurture their souls. On our retreats participants are introduced to living, thinking in a conductive way. We guide them how to adjust to and participate in everyday life settings without any specialised designs and showing them ways how to transform their own lives.

This adds an extra dimension to learning and the implementation of new skills are in alignment with the natural rhythm of the day and the week we spend together. Resulting in improved level of standards, formation of orthofunctional habits and norms.

My work spans all generations, from young children to the elderly and I have helped thousands of people to regain their sense of independence, self-belief and purpose in life. It is my greatest satisfaction to witness the remarkable advancements of those in my practice make in a few days, weeks or months.

It is my mission to help people to understand  WHAT can be done and must be done to succeed and WHY so they can learn the HOW.

Judit O 


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