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These calls are not pre-recorded and are designed to last for one hour, however, at times they can go slightly over. 

If you decide to join our live, online individual sessions you can also request access to the private Facebook group set up for all participating individuals and families. On the Facebook group, you can ask questions, connect with other families, discuss matters close to your heart and learn more.

When we disconnect from our environment, everyday routines, and our usual outer reality and begin to use step-by-step strategies to create our vision of the future, our transformation ignites.

With the lockdown in the UK, we had no choice but to disconnect from our everyday plans and favourite activities and let go of our future plans.

In times of crisis and during unexpected turns of events, after the initial emotional response, I turn to the question and ask myself what is the advantage in this?

Advantages I came up with to list a few:

  1. Being able to provide more regular input so families can witness faster results, and can learn and understand What We Do. What we do is not therapy, focusing on what isn't working. They would have more options and possibilities to connect to the idea and embrace it, that we are about guiding and teaching their children how to learn all those skills that other children come by naturally. 
  2. To provide simple, but life-changing strategies for life to be used at home in the here and now.
  3. To equip families with tools and ideas on how to live and grow together that bring them closer to each other.
  4. To redefine their solutions by shifting their fundamental thinking.    
  5. Education is the answer to every problem.
  6. To create rock-solid values together that fit into each family's lives.
  7. To facilitate the shift from band-aid solutions to a fundamental shift in thinking and living with their loved ones having been diagnosed with a neurological condition.

When you step on the path of learning how to control your focus while creating new ways, strategies and rituals that serve you, your child or your family member it can be a very powerful experience. 



There is always someone to remind us of things we miss to see, teach us new lessons and hold our hands when we can no longer feel the strength tapping into our deepest wisdom and intuitive power.

There is always potential for someone to be with us to help us get in alignment with our truth. We must look for them or be aware and notice their presence in our lives.

Everything we need is within us and we are as much connected to the solutions as we are connected to the problems we are facing. 

When we see a living breathing example of real courage next to us, it inspires us that we can reach higher to be our braver selves.

I would like to encourage every individual, parent, and family member around the world to be brave.

Our lives are formed by defining choices big and small. The quality of our lives and our children’s lives depends on the quality of our communication with ourselves and ultimately with everything around us.

To create the changes we seek we must raise our standards in every aspect of our lives.

What are you no longer willing to tolerate? What are your standards what are your values and qualities that are a must for you? Focus on them.

Focus creates!

What is often missed is that those values and standards must be translated to every single family member regardless of their abilities.

For example, if a person has a disability is it acceptable that they would be just passive participants in their lives and things are done to them and for them?

Is it acceptable that they wouldn’t be taught how to be aware of the position of their bodies, and their posture for safety and also to look at their best?

Is it acceptable that they would eat with food around their mouth?

The answer is no. 

Your expectation must be age-appropriate and children and adults must be given the option and the opportunity to be taught at an age-appropriate level to establish an orthofunctional and meaningful existence and connections in life and to life. (i.e. functioning as part of the family in the most active way and contributing according to abilities and physical skills).

It is irrelevant that you might have been given a diagnosis that your 7-year-old child is functioning on an 18-months-old level or your husband's cognitive skills are impaired or your wife has got dementia.

This isn’t helpful and detrimental to you and to your family members and the way you would form your expectations and beliefs about their capabilities.

You would be surprised at how very young children, seemingly severely disabled can control their family members in a heartbeat! We have known children who didn’t want to sleep in their beds at a young age and now age 12 they are still sleeping with their parents because the habits are too hard to break now.

To establish orthofuctional and sustainable routines and boundaries early on you will have to become strong, focused and develop a sense of consistency and continuity in your approach with a light-hearted attitude.

You are not expected to be a superhuman, a super mum, dad, husband, and wife, but you will need to discover your strengths and skills so that you know how you can utilise them to support your loved ones.  You may be in a large family or maybe a single parent and carer.

If we want to say yes to life we must say yes to life experiences. While saying to ourselves – I don’t know how it is going to be done, but I am determined to find the answers that satisfy me along with the person's aspirations and needs whom I am living with.

I appreciate all mothers, fathers and family members who are willing to make a difference and having

‘that is the mountain I am taking next’  attitude.

If you are already part of our conductive family you know that our philosophy and approach to neurological conditions are the ‘disorganisation of the central nervous system’.

 A better organisation must be taught. 

This does not only translate to cellular organisation and organisations of neuro pathways but the organisation of the body, thoughts, functions, etc. in our three-dimensional physical world.

Probably one of the first things you would need to know is that it is vital to establish a daily routine that installs and ensures growth and development.

It must be sustainable and must provide structure, boundaries and allow opportunities for skills to be translated and performed in different parts of the day.

The order of your daily routine depends upon your main targets for you and the person you are living with.

What are you hoping to achieve in the long term?

As this must begin now.

We must look at what we and they are doing today and how would that affect us and our loved ones in 10 years, 20 years.

What will happen in 10 years if I continue to do the same things with them and let them do the things that they are doing now?

It takes a bit of adjustment to create a lifestyle and a daily routine that benefits everyone in the family, but it is so worth it.

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With my full-hearted admiration for your commitment to taking You and Your Life to the next level.