There are far too many people’s lives just passing them by, where they feel isolated, alone, with some even in despair, not knowing what to do and how to move forward with a neurological diagnosis.

Perhaps you are looking for meaningful guidance for yourself or to understand how best to contribute to the life of your loved one. 


If you, or someone you care about has a neurologically based dysfunction and would like to achieve more independence, mobility, health and wellness, then we would like to help. 

Online Courses

Online Education

Online Education

Members area with online training and downloadable resources for Parents, Families, Carers and Professionals.
Professional Development

Professional Development

Enhance your professional development through our programmes, one off or regular sessions over several weeks.
SDR Rehabilitation

SDR Rehabilitation

We offer Integrated Rehabilitation Programmes for children who have had Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy Surgery.


Illustrating the work we do with children and adults.
Interior Design for an active way of lifestyle

Interior Design for an active way of lifestyle

Supporting overall developmental needs and aspirations and an active way of life in a stylish and fun way.

We have a distinctive insight into both, the world-wide development of neuro-rehabilitation services, as well as the evolution of conductive education outside of the Pető Institute. 

My Mission and Values

What we do, How and Why

My  mission is...

To share with you proven strategies and show you that there is life beyond a neurological diagnostic label, a life of the best quality possible, which means moving beyond the diagnosis and into greater independence, health, wellness and fulfillment

To be the force to upend people’s expectation in neuro-rehabilitation

To take on the responsibility of becoming the voice for the ethical conductor and conductive practice

To  influence the evolution of perception about disability and human potential

To turn 21st Century expectation of neuro-rehabilitation on its head


By devoting the next chapter of my life:

To nourish  people’s mind with authentic concepts 

To show them on a  practical level how and what else is possible

To highlight the importance of the psychology behind the results and how success is influenced by the attitude of the conductors, teachers, parents, siblings and participants 

To transform my community and you never know ultimately the world



To preserve the essence of what I have learnt at the Pető Institute and from practicing these values, for the benefit of people now and for future generations to come 

To ensure that the human principles of the Pető system are understood, practiced, remembered and become the framework of neuro-rehabilitation for the benefit of those who need it and want it around the world

To have a positive impact on all those who are involved in the lives of individuals with neurological conditions and their way of thinking



Dear Friend

A warm welcome to you on your path of transforming your life and the life of people around you.


I am a pedagogue and an advocate for empowering individuals, their families, and professionals to move beyond the labels of diagnosis, into a life of greater fulfilment, independence, personal freedom, and purpose, more than they ever imagined possible.


I am excited to share with you ways that have presented breakthroughs for hundreds and thousands of people around the world, leading them to create a more fulfilling lifestyle. Moving them beyond the diagnosis and its prognosis into greater levels of enjoyment, independence, health, wellness, and fulfilment.


You will find information here about the Pető System and beyond, in a format that is a source of inspiration, aesthetic, intellectual as well as practical, fun and offers old school quality conductive practice in contemporary language, that speaks to individuals with a diagnosis, to their families and also to professionals (including conductors). Conductors (like me) who are creative, smart, thoughtful, engaged, and would like to preserve this incomparable system of rehabilitation.


It is my mission to help you to know and understand WHAT must be done and CAN be done and WHY, so you can learn the HOW.


I will share with you strategies and formulas to fill a life-enhancing gap in education, therapy, and care for children and adults with neurological conditions.


My ultimate aim has always been to create and carry on with the WORK that has an overriding message and purpose and points out to something larger than itself…


I am here to signpost and encourage the spread of high-quality conductive pedagogy, upbringing, life management, health, and well being from the point of diagnosis along with mentoring and guiding carers, professionals, and basically everyone.


Thank you for visiting, a warm welcome to you, and my fullhearted admiration for your commitment to taking You and Your Life to the next level.





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"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with such passion"



"With great appreciation for the wealth of knowledge you offer us and for the inspiration you give us as well as a dedication you share"


Hong Kong

"You have given us so much and helped us to carry on with the magic which he created to continue to transform our school"


Galway, Ireland

"Platinum quality service."



"Just want you to know that you have changed my whole teaching philosophy, can’t wait to get started back to work on Monday to implement all of the ideas"



"Inspiring and supportive. It has increased my energy to follow my belief and desire for children to succeed"



" Ecstatic doesn't even come close to how I'm feeling right now. My beautiful hard working Ottie has just managed to walk UNAIDED, no holding on to anything no sticks nothing, up a flight of stairs during another busy Sunday morning session. So so proud of my little man. Big huge thank you to all you guys. Without u I don't know what he would be doing now. Finding you was a special gift ♥♥"



"I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. After one session I can get out of bed on my own and I don’t need to wake up my husband any more to help me to take care of me in the middle of the night."



My boy is doing things that we've never seen him do before because of you all! ❤️😍