Untapped potentials hiding in plain site

From ‘What am I getting’ to ‘What am I becoming’

The best part of my everyday work is when I see children growing from strengths to strengths daily and being part of families transforming their lives for the better in front of my eyes.

One of lockdown’s best gifts was starting online sessions with families with babies and young children.

Most of them has already gone through intensive therapies.

For me to see the potentials hidden in plain sight is obvious, to show it to parents is my job. My job and their lives would be much easier if we only had to deal with the original problems and not the damage therapies can cause on top of them.

The psychological and emotional injuries ‘therapies’ can create in the mindsets of parents, in their beliefs, the way they relate to their children and as a consequence how children respond to life and what they become when they are facing their limited perception of themselves having gone through those therapies is disheartening.

Design is everything… everything surrounds you and how you function how you live your life is a design.


Before                           and                                   After

Be mindful of the design you are creating and live by.