SDR Rehabilitation Services

SDR Rehabilitation Services

We provide dynamic and fun programmes which target and strengthen the exact areas that children with post-SDR may need to work on as well as their overall development.


This leads to improved:




walking technique


life-enhancing skills.

Our expertise and training, which stems from the roots of the Pető System, is in providing comprehensive programmes for children with cerebral palsy.  Understanding the very nature of how children with cerebral palsy can learn to develop their skills has enabled us to have a head start in providing programmes of an outstanding level.


Since the SDR surgery became popular several years ago, we have had an increased number of families approaching us to help their children following the SDR surgery. Over time, we have adapted, developed, and fine-tuned our programmes to specifically cater for children after the surgery.


Our services are run by fully qualified, senior professionals in neuro-rehabilitation.


Post-operative programmes


Following your child’s SDR, we will design a programme which will specifically target the areas which need to be developed, strengthened, and improved.


All of our programmes (pre and post-operative) work in a holistic manner (i.e. taking into consideration the whole body, the mind and personality of the child).


The Post-operative programmes will begin to build your child’s confidence as they learn to organise their bodies after the changes brought about by the surgery. Posture, balance, flexibility, coordination, changing position and place, stepping up and down, self-care and independence are all included as part of the fun classes.


Pre-operative Programmes


Our pre-operative programmes enable students to have an advantage by boosting their general health, strengths, stamina, increased range of movements, independent standing, balancing and walking, etc. thus laying the foundations for overall learning and pre-paving the road to independence.


We achieve this by engaging the children into a dynamic active programme following a holistic structured series of tasks all of which are fundamentally based upon the roots of the Pető System. In simple terms, the programmes give the children a whole body work out, loosening and strengthening muscles and on a practical level- improving coordination, balance, weight transference skills, hand function, and confidence.


By the very nature of the movements practiced, it has a direct influence on general health and well being – Breathing technique, improved digestion, healthier sleeping patterns, positive mental attitude, and reducing stress which in turn improves adaptability and social skills.