Online Education

Online Education


Over the years I have had numerous conversations with conductors, parents, and professionals from different faraway parts of the world.


I was asked to help them to deepen their knowledge in conductive education, share my experiences with them, and to create a platform where they could learn more.


They wanted to have access to a focused, specifically designed source of information that gets them where they wished to be and faster.


Parents were constantly looking for guidance which was practical, do-able, and sustainable.


Conductors wanted to be spared from going through unnecessary pain of finding out essential information through their own mistakes.


They wished to do without feeling helpless and often overwhelmed by the pressure that comes from working on their own. Working in diverse cultures and in a wide range of provisions along with professionals that sometimes have very little or no understanding of our work.


They all had a desire to speed up their learning and to shorten the time of researching and looking for answers from materials scarcely available and mostly generic, without sacrificing the quality of results.


As this work is implemented in many countries, traveling to a location for training is time-consuming, taking time off work could also prove difficult as well as the financial implications. Taking all these factors into consideration, I have been thinking of alternative options for many years now.


I remember one day a mother attending one of our conferences at Southampton University. By chance, she was asked to take someone else's place last minute. We were showing photos of the children performing difficult tasks and she was so taken by them that she made a wish in her heart. -" I wish my Bertie could do what Claire achieved." Prior to this, the mother was told that her son will never walk independently.


The mother later told me this, years after bringing her son to us and following everything we asked her to do. Bertie learned to walk independently and escaped a major reconstructive surgery too. If she hadn't have seen those photos, their life would be very different. Imagine how many lives could be different for the better?


It took me a long time, due to different personal commitments and the pressure of priorities in my professional life, to come up with the idea to create an online education resource available for all to access.


To share with you the best of my knowledge from the Pető Institute and throughout my life working with families and professionals.


For those of you who are just starting their learning, this platform will provide you with access to comprehensive, practical, and inspirational content.


Allowing you to see behind the scenes of the old school qualities of the Pető System and more.


For conductors it may re-ignite your passion to learn more about your chosen path, by revisiting the level of excitement when you started your conductive journey, giving you the confidence to stand up for conductive pedagogy and Pető's skills and qualities.


The world of neuro-rehabilitation in pictures.

The world of neuro-rehabilitation in pictures.

HOW IT IS                                          HOW IT COULD BE             HOW I WOULD LIKE IT TO BE


Of these three realities which would you choose?

In the future, I see a world where the best of all possible approaches will be available to the benefit of mankind.

I saw first-hand during my years in training and practice that the body has a built-in ability to heal itself, an innate intelligence and beyond that the mind has the greatest power to influence the body.