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OXFORD SATURDAY 5th OCTOBER 2019                                                            MORE INFO



A one day immersion into the insights of 4 decades of work, experience, research and knowledge that has created extraordinary results in neurorehabilitation.

This event is ideal for people who are supporting individuals with a neurologically based and related condition either in a rehabilitation, educational or in a home environment.

This includes managers, parents, conductors, teachers, therapists, medical professionals, teaching assistants and learning support assistants.

A dynamic, emotionally and professionally inspiring, interactive and extremely practical event. An opportunity to gather vital information, skills and understanding with proven strategies.

I am excited to share with you ways that have presented breakthroughs for hundreds and thousands of people around the world, leading them to create a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Moving them beyond the diagnosis and its prognosis into greater levels of enjoyment, independence, health and wellness.

I often see parents almost paralysed because of the trauma they had to go through and the bleak picture that is painted for them as their future.

I often meet people; spouses, grandparents and relatives of individuals with neurologically based conditions, along with a variety of  professionals who in ‘treating them’ only see and argue for the person’s limitations.

Clarity is power. When you know what to do and put your knowledge into actions, by putting it into everyday practice, you harness the power that can change anything important in your life.

If you, or someone you care about has a neurologically based dysfunction and would like to create immediate, measurable and lasting transformation in the most important areas of your life, then this event is for you and I would like to help.

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity and I look forward to meeting you personally, if not at this event then in the near future.

This day is the first part of our Module One Course, Laying the Foundation

Fee includes lunch, workbook and certificate of attendance.

Location Oxford University Corpus Christi College
Date Saturday 5th October 2019
Time Time: 10.00am-4.00pm

The formal part of the event finishes at 4.00pm but we can stay on until the evening if there is interest.

Event fee    £195 including lunch and refreshments.
£175 for 'early bird' bookings between 4th and 25th July