Without Compromise

Without Compromise

Turning 21st Century expectation of neurorehabilitation on its head

This event is for you if you are searching for life-enhancing strategies and solutions either to help yourself, your loved ones, or your clients to create a significantly better physical, emotional and mental well-being in a rehabilitation, educational or in a home environment. Which may well be life-changing decisions.

The day is a must for everyone who is seeking new tools and wishes to establish a stronger foundation in understanding what to do and how to support individuals with neurological and related conditions.

I am excited to share with you ways that have presented breakthroughs for hundreds and thousands of people around the world, leading them to create a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Moving them beyond the diagnosis and its prognosis into greater levels of enjoyment, independence, health and wellness.

Oxford University is the oldest University in the English-speaking world, with teachings dating back to 1096. It has been chosen as the setting for this course to reflect the fundamental roots of learning for a better life.

This event welcomes managers, parents, conductors, teachers, therapists, medical professionals, teaching assistants, learning support assistants and anyone with an interest in the subject.

An interactive and practical opportunity to gather vital information, skills and understanding with proven strategies that aim to inspire.

This event is the introductory session to our Module Course 'Laying the Foundation' but also is a beneficial standalone session.

I often see parents almost paralysed because of the trauma they had to go through and the bleak picture that is painted for them as their future.

When talking to spouses, grandparents and relatives of individuals with neurologically based conditions, along with a variety of professionals who in ‘treating’ the individual only see and argue for the person’s limitations.

Clarity is power. When you know what to do, put your knowledge into actions and introduce everyday practice, you harness the power that can change anything important in your life.

If you, or someone you care about has a neurologically based dysfunction and would like to create immediate, measurable and lasting transformation in the most important areas of their life, then this event is for you and I would like to help.

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity and I look forward to meeting you personally.

Ticket includes lunch, workbook and certificate of attendance.

The formal part of the event finishes at 4.00pm but I will be available after for an informal discussion into the evening.

Participating in this event also presents an opportunity to create new authentic, heart and mind centred 'connections' in the field of neurorehabilitation; raising the bar globally Without Compromise.

Date and time
5th October 2019
From 10.00 until 16.00
The formal part of the event finishes at 4.00pm but we can stay on until the evening if there is interest.

Corpus Christi College
Merton Street
United Kingdom

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£195.00 including lunch, workbook and certificate of attendance
Early-bird price is £175.00 if you book before 25th July.

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Course Agenda

09:30  Registration

10:00  Welcome, introductions and house notes

10:15  Session 1

WHAT can be done and MUST be done to create a life of success and a lifestyle that supports the long-term needs of children and adults that are spending endless hours and often the best part of their potential waking hours in wheelchairs (without choice).

Over the years in my work most of my time was spent dealing with the detrimental effects of the unnecessary, although well-intentioned, mismanagement of children and adults with a neurologically based condition; negatively influencing their health, wellness, functional and cognitive abilities, instead of dealing with the original (root) cause of the problem.

This segment addresses critical factors that are impacting their abilities and growth and WHY these avoidable secondary dysfunctions manifest.

11:00  Break

11:15  Session 2

This segment is designed to ensure that you refocus, realign and get equipped with the knowledge of winning strategies and psychology necessary for lasting growth.

The real tragedy in life is wanting to create changes but not knowing what to do, how to do it and staying stuck.

From the point of view of service users, managers, parents, conductors, teachers, therapists, medical professionals, teaching assistants and learning support assistants this session aims to assist you to connect to who you really are, get clarity of what you want, your true directions and how to achieve them when giving your best.

I believe that if your learning leads only to knowledge, you have wasted your time; but if your learning leads to action, then you have harnessed the power that can change many things (anything) in your life.

From a parenting point of view the very act of progressing together and knowing what to do is one of the greatest energies and is a kind of enlightenment.

Our approach is a life tool for parents, service users and service providers. A life with deeper meaning, connection within the team and within the family where they can overcome obstacles together with a knowing that they are doing the best they can. Bringing a more harmonious way of existence through time.

12:00  Break

12:15  Session 3

Between the voice of the brain and the sound of the heart, grow the seeds of habits. 

Once you know WHAT can be done and must be done to succeed and WHY, then you need to learn the HOW. You cannot lead from behind! Fear based solutions will never get you where you wish yourself to be. The key to forming good habits is to make them part of your 'rituals.' Regular time that you set aside to prepare yourself for the life you want.

13:00  Lunch

14:00  Session 4

From taking care to taking control

Setting new standards and raising expectations in all areas of life and paving the path towards learning the HOW.

If you don’t believe it yourself. Don’t ask anyone else to do so. It is virtually impossible not to transmit your doubts and insecurities to others through body language, tone of voice, inflection, word choice and other subtle characteristics.

Every one of us has a multitude of personality traits within us, in different environments and circumstances we call upon the traits that best serve us at that moment.

Maintaining a clear vision, establishing new traits and key success strategies to fall back on when things get tough.

14:45  Break

15:00  Session 5

Attitude softens resistance

Embark on a journey where your  beliefs, values and experience are aligned.

When rational, intentional and emotional  work together we are healthy. Every conflict is the beginning of a misalignment which could lead to a disease. Realign your values and start living the life you desire and deserve. Creating experiences with great purpose.

  • I think on purpose
  • I speak on purpose
  • I act on purpose
  • I eat on purpose
  • I breath on purpose

15:45  Summary, Certificate presentation and check out

16:00  Optional Refreshments and informal discussion into the evening

Pre-course reading
You may wish to read the following items before attending the course following this link: https://juditszathmary.com/information.

By becoming a free member you would have access to more free resources.

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Conductive Education
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Empowering Parents
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Author: Judit Szathmary
Pages: 8
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Empowering Conductors
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Author: Judit Szathmary
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On completion of this day, you will receive a course certificate

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£195.00 including lunch, workbook and certificate of attendance
Early-bird price is £175.00 if you book before 25th July.

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