Dr Mária Jozefa Hári

Dr Hári was a physician, educator and successor of Dr András Pető.

She started with Dr András Pető, she knew what it was like at the beginning of conductive education and how it evolved over her life time. She was carrying the treasure of conductive education and the torch for the benefit of thousands of children and adults then and for the future to come.

Dr Mária Hári dedicated her whole life to those children and adults, to the training of specialists who are skilled in conductive education and to disseminate the knowledge so conduction could become a possibility and the realisation of a more complete life for more people.

Dr Hári as we called her was the director of the Pető Institute when I first stepped through the doors. She was my teacher who planted the seeds of what she learnt from Dr Pető into my heart and mind.

“Her contribution was especially recognised in the UK. In 1988, she was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Birmingham and in 1994, was appointed honorary professor of education at the University of Keele. She was awarded the OBE in 1990. But to thousands of families around the world, she was simply a small, determined woman who gave them hope for a better life.”