25th -28th July Residential Conductive Education Retreat for Individuals with Parkinson’s in West Sussex UK

Give value to your health and well-being by taking it to an all new level through our Conductive Education programmes specifically designed for Parkinson’s, whilst also experiencing the enjoyment of staying onsite of a luxury house in West Sussex UK.

I welcome you to an incredible journey- a journey in which results and emotional rewards go hand in hand.

Our guests will enjoy re-energising Conductive Education classes, specially prepared juices, and healthy meals.

The Conductive Education Programme will take place in the mornings and will prepare you to fully enjoy the rest of the day. You will be able to experience the difference in your wellbeing when you start your day as Professor Pető intended when designed the programmes specifically for individuals with Parkinson’s.

I am inviting you to participate and enjoy this programme, but most importantly, use it!

In order to attain the well being that you desire and deserve you must wave the philosophy and the practice, you will learn during this retreat into the fabric of your everyday life.


The Pető System:

Improves concentration
Improves strength and stamina
Improves health and general well being.
Improves mobility, coordination, dexterity and fine manipulation
Improves breathing, speech and communication skills.
Increases motivational levels.
Increases self-esteem and boosts confidence.
Provides natural pain relief for muscle spasms and joint pains.
Contributes to significantly reducing stiffness by maintaining and
improving the range of movements.
Increases independence.
Delays the need for hospitalisation/nursing care


By regular attendance conductive education can help with:

Bradykinesia (slowness of movement)
Dyskinesia (side effect of medication)
Lack of facial expression


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