Happy New Year and Thank you for Doing Something That Matters!

I hope your year is off to a great start.

A start that will lead you to get the results you wish to experience in your life.

Remember patterns established play themselves out eventually without any conscious effort.

I welcomed 2019 in the New Forest; by expanding my focus on my own health and wellbeing.

I have uncountable sparks of ideas and interests and to be able to pursue them requires a great deal of energy.

So instead of getting busy after the festivities, I looked at nature during winter times in the Northern Hemisphere where I was born and followed her lead.

Allowing time for more deeper feelings, thoughts, and reflections while rested more and started gently cleansing and nurturing my body with a more fluid and only plant-based diet.

Carried out only the absolutely necessary and previously agreed commitments, but soon after completing them I went hibernating and took only inspired actions. Because the days are shorter and the nights are longer nature encourages us to rest more while taking time to prepare our body and mind for the year ahead.

I would like to encourage you to do the same whether you are a service provider or a parent. This time of the year spend your precious time on recharging your batteries and getting strong. This is important for the children as well, to follow the cycle of the day, after sitting behind closed doors in school to be exposed to the clean cold air for a short period before snuggling up and resting in the warm. Eating light easy digestible, plant-based but still full of deep flavours, tasty and satisfying unprocessed food, giving the body time to rest and cleanse. It is time to be gentle and radiate warmth from the heart, be quiet and spend time reading stories together, having long talks perhaps about the times when parents were children and deepening relationships.

When you come into your own power, you feel better.

And when you feel better — those who love you also feel better.

The power of conductive education based on the premise of the internal work necessary to be able to move a paralysed leg, arm and indeed the whole body. As Dr. Hari used to remind us that the pianist doesn’t play with his hands- he plays with his brain.

When a child or an adult able to crack a difficult task, create a movement, accomplish a function that they previously let to believe was impossible for them; they come into their own power. The power which they will be able to tap into for the rest of their lives.

It takes a bit of practice – to always look at physical and functional challenges as an internal quest and by doing so utilising and building things from the inside to improve them on the outside.  Then utilise the external environment to support this process just to a point where it is absolutely necessary.

Top photo: www.thenewforest.co.uk


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