In pursuit of transformation; focusing on choices

The body is a remarkable and fabulous tool, a wonderful machine.

It allows us to interact with and participate in creation, to perceive and to create experiences that are uniquely our own.

Through actions the body assists us to experience emotions and realities we have never experienced before.

It doesn’t matter if you are a parent, a therapist or a conductive pedagogue when you understand this it will positively influence your choices and your success.

Ask yourself the questions:

1.What have the children and adults created under my guidance?

2. What emotions and realities have they experienced throughout our time together?

I would like to ask you to separate

‘the truly meaningful, active creations of the children and adults through their own efforts, emotions and realities” from

“the often-misused concept of we are making them happy (by means of external factors).

Do you understand the difference? Can you see it?

There is a fundamental difference between amusing children to engaging them to learn, to participate while owning their own actions.

To acquire functions and skills that are the very foundations of different levels of independence, a stronger immune system, better circulation, change of physiology that supports orthofunctional development, hence improved health, cognitive and emotional realities.

This is the WORK we do in conductive movement pedagogy.

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