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I hope that you are all having a great weekend and doing all the things that you chose to do, not what you have to do, bringing you fulfillment sparked by joyful moments. As those joyful moments step by step will be building up to joyful hours, days, weeks and to a joyful life.

‘A journey of a thousand miles starts beneath one’s feet’  – Have you really thought about that?

Have you ever thought when you put your feet on the ground after waking up from your slumber- ‘this will be my first step towards where I want to be’-?

Do you feel excited and full of anticipation by the thought that when your feet touch the ground you are stepping toward fulfilling your dreams? Or just automatically move your feet forward to do what you think you are expected to do?

On a bigger scale, the question is, what have you been meaning to do that you’re afraid to tackle, not sure where to start and what strategies to implement?

What are your goals and what journey are you longing to take but can’t seem to get started? You might feel alone as no one believes that you can get there and you need someone to stand by you and encourage you all the way.

Whatever it is, I will help you to get there.

Nearly 4 decades I have witnessed people overcoming great physical, emotional and psychological challenges defying all the odds. Not settling… If they could do it you can do it. Whatever position you are in you CAN create transformation in your body, in your life, in the project you run, in your home, helping yourself and others on the way.

When Nelson Mandela came out of prison and was asked -How did you cope in there for 27 years?

His answer was – It was only preparation- for the future to come. He didn’t give up in the direst circumstances.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”  Mandela

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                                                      “One can, you know…”


Until next time wishing you all the very best.

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