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In our time it is much easier to find our own solutions, instead of just choosing from and accepting the often quite limited options presented to us.

There is no need to become a victim of circumstance.

At times I notice when working with parents, adult participants and professionals, that as much as they understand and follow vital strategies; they need something more to ease and aid their success. So they can feel better while working on different lifechanging tasks.

It can be challenging when creating changes at home or in a work environment as there are well established rituals and standards they have been living and working with and others around them might not be so ready for imporving them. Neurological conditions manifested in certain behaviour patterns and responses can be positively influenced by using pure essential oils. Simple solutions additional to the techniques we teach them to work with.

Dr András Pető used sage to bath limbs or the whole body and we often used sage packs wrapped around the limbs and joints. We made them fresh from dried herbs soaked in boiling water.

If you are ready to try and experience the benefits for yourself, or for your child and for your family I would recommend to start with  Ballance oil blend.

A powerful natural remedy for anxiety, stress, overwhelm, focus, mood, vertigo, ADD/ADHD and more … In addition to its mental and emotional benefits, Balance provides a number of physical benefits as well. These physical benefits reflect the relaxing properties of the blend. For instance, Balance can ease the pain from sore joints and muscles and relax the body as well as the emotions. It can also improve circulation.

Recommended oil blends for neurological conditions Balance, Vetiver, Serenity.   

When we inhale an essential oil, the olfactory bulb is activated and directly links brain processes that stimulate and encourage neural connections.

The simple act of diffusing an essential oil like Balance in the classroom or inhaling Peppermint from a bottle can have immediate and effective impact on the learner.  Simple yet powerful suggestions through both single oils or blends and remedies have demonstrated that essential oils and nutritional support are powerful tools for improving very many ailments and conditions.



In the case of children, the oils should be applied to the soles of the feet, the neck, the top of the head, the chest, the forehead, the abdomen, the arms, and the legs. According to parents who have found success with essential oils, the oils work almost immediately, as they can be absorbed into the bloodstream within 30 seconds. Then, they can be circulated through the entire body within 30 minutes.







Let’s cut to the chase, I don’t recommend doTERRA because of padded pockets, I love doTERRA for its purity and because it has changed my life and I have seen the positive effects it brought to my family, friends and my clients that Western Medicine couldn’t.

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