Life isn’t about having it all together – It is about knowing that together we have it all. We are better together.

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I remember it was about 30 years ago, being a young mother myself
and running a small pre-school in the conservatory of my home.

A mother of a little girl from Bournemouth said to me, as she was
collecting her child: – ‘If I had known about this at the time, my life could have been so different.

I wish you could go into hospitals and tell all the mothers and families that there is a way. A very different way. When my Sarah was born they took her away from me and nobody really wanted to tell me what was going on. The nurses looked away as they were carrying on with their duties. I was scared and alone.

I was hiding behind the curtain as I was laying in my hospital bed. I would have liked you to come and pull that curtain open and say it to me: “Hey don’t be afraid, there is so much can be done. I will show you the way.

Instead, I had the doctor pulling the curtain open and telling me that my child has got brain damage and she will be a vegetable. His best advice was to go and have another child’.

I know it was a long time ago and nowadays things are different. There is a great but often missed opportunity to help parents by showing them alternative ways, actions, and beliefs, which can have an immeasurable positive effect on their children’s development, as well as to the success and experiences they encounter together.

  • Educate yourself and educate your expectations.
  • Self-education is the greatest investment you will ever make.
  • Find answers true to you, for the questions manifest in your heart and mind.

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