Retreat 2021


As the Jasmine flowers are gently opening their petals outside my window in the warm late-spring sunshine, we are working on finalising our plans for our summer retreat 2021.

This year it will take place in a different beautiful house hidden in the lush county side of West Sussex.

We have so many enquiries from parents that they would love to join us with their children and feel disappointed when they hear that children attend without their parents. The purpose of creating the first conductive education retreat stemmed from the idea to take participants to live, experience and play in beautiful places they might never go on their own and to show them ways of how to transform themselves to feel better, healthier and inspired to take more charge of their body, mind and their lives.

When participants leave their familiar lives to instead spend time in an environment that does not remind them of who they think they are. Old beliefs, patterns of behaviour and the way they see themselves are left behind giving opportunities to new ones to emerge.

In doing so they separate themselves from the automatic behaviours they demonstrate in their daily lives.

As they are introduced to new routines and management strategies, along with a variety of possible solutions, students are led to more independence and improved health and well-being.

They begin to change their inner state through the carefully designed dynamic programmes followed by adequate rest to fully integrate new experiences and solutions along with recreational activities and as much fun and laughter as they can take.

Children joining our retreats with their parents would require a completely different structure and one day maybe very soon I will be able to offer those as well.

This year we have added lavender feet wraps and a special oil blend massages created for tired muscles, aches and pains and for athletes to our programmes. There will be an option to receive distance biotherapy as well.

Even though that some of the children spend long hours in wheelchairs during school times and moving very little, during the retreat just by actively participating in everyday life and by moving more bring remarkable results in such a short time as a week.

Swollen limbs are reduced in size or the swelling disappears,  digestion stabilises, stamina and structural alignment improve, range of movements increases and functional skills strengthened and improved.

The spirit is uplifted and friendships are strengthened.




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