Food is eating energy

Imagine radiant health, abundant energy and increased ability to move and function in life for your children!

I do.     

Every time I work with the children attending our services, facilitating their movements, helping them to learn to eat independently and neatly I encourage them with stories and by example to make choices for better health.

I remember in the early ’90s when we asked parents to send in a bottle of water with their children when they come for conductive they told us that their children never drink water.

It took a long time and it is still a work in progress that most of our participants turn up for the sessions with their own water bottle, instead of sugary drinks with colouring and preservatives. We don’t serve coffee and tea for our adult participants and they don’t have biscuits either.

This is not a place for ‘rich tea and sympathy’.  They sip water throughout the sessions and halfway through the session we offer them fresh fruits and a healthy bar. On occasions we juice together or use the nutribullet for smoothies.


In 1986 when I started my career in England children were given coffee and tea for breakfast. These stimulants negatively affect the already damaged nervous system. Most of the lunch boxes contained, bread with butter ham and cheese, jam, a packet of crisps, yogurt and chocolate bars with a sweetened sugary drink. -Basically dead food full of preservatives.-

Food is freshest when it is unprocessed, uncooked and unpreserved.

This is the healthiest lunchbox I’ve have ever seen. Isn’t it joyful?

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