Retreats, Half Term & Holiday courses

Our holiday courses are designed to provide integrated, holistic systems of services from babyhood to adulthood in different locations in the UK.

All of our courses are now fully booked until September 2019. Please visit our calendar to keep up to date with events and courses:

To ensure that you are not missing out again please drop us an email now so you are put on a waiting list. Email us at

We still have a few individual sessions available on the third week of August in the New Forest.


The programmes are complex  and focusing on establishing the ability to actively participate, successfully interact with the social, physical and natural world, building independence skills, communication, changing position and place, mobility, transferring, walking, climbing stairs,dexterity, co-ordination, self-care and more.

During our retreats students/participants leave their familiar lives to instead spend time in an environment that doesn’t remind them of who they think they are.

In doing so they separate themselves from the automatic behaviours they demonstrate in their daily lives.

As they are introduced to new routines and management strategies, along with a variety of possible solutions, students are led to more independence, improved health and well-being they might never have thought possible.

They begin to change their inner state through the carefully designed dynamic programmes followed by adequate rest to fully integrate new experiences and solutions along with recreational activities and as much fun and laughter as they can take.

We offer individuals and groups to access Conductive Education programmes within beautiful surroundings that lift people out of their ordinary lives, nourish their senses and nurture their souls while providing the essential consistency which is the heart of the Conductive Education System.

It adds an extra dimension to the learning when implementing new skills in alignment with the rhythm of the day and the week, while creating an improved level of standards, orthofunctional habits and norms.

We search for places which are unique and provide our participants a holiday of a lifetime, while strengthening their commitment to their health and wellbeing by being able to access and utilise the philosophy and practice of the Pető System.



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