My writing journey 5

For me waking up in the very early hours of the morning is one of the best parts of living. Everything is so fresh and new as the sunlight gently brings awareness to our senses. A new opportunity to connect to this reality and maybe connect to it in a different way.

A new opportunity to create another day with pure intention, expanding my energy beyond the physical self.

Life to me is about feelings and expressions of self through emotions connecting me to my human spirit within.

Life as we knew it no longer exists, the human spirit is doomed to follow instructions with such basic and simple things as shopping. Signposts everywhere what one should do, where to step, which one-way aisle to walk in, and to what direction while our faces are covered. People find it hard to hear each other behind masks, basic communication is disrupted connections are cut or minimal.

People are arguing about masks, policing each other, and completely oblivious to what is happening with them and around them. Will it be too late when they wake up? Will we be able to turn it around or end up as we had seen before, watching atrocities right in front of their eyes and doing nothing about them? Will they have any power left beyond basic survival?

The preparation we had to make before our summer activities was ridiculously expensive and hard work to ensure that we are not responsible for harming anyone who chose to access our services. We are lucky to have such good families around us though. Really this time has drawn us closer despite being physically separated.


To be able to rise above it all and to be able to work on the book I’ve asked my old coach Beverley to coach me every morning just for 15 minutes to be able to pick up the beat of the day, keeping me staying on tasks while working online and preparing for the summer work.

While Marie my other coach was there for me twice a week to back me up, witnessing my struggles and successes and being a sounding board.

If you would like to experience their very different qualities to get you where you want to be here are their contact details.

Beverley Roberts


Marie Fraser


Marie Fraser Boundary Queen Hypnotherapy Integrative Coaching and Therapy


Well, this is where I am now. I will be disappearing in the West Sussex countryside for 4 weeks to do what I love and what I am good at. If I have a free space to spend time on the book in a relaxed way I will work on it while I am enjoying the process. If there will be no spare time I will get back to it in September.

Have a lovely summer!

With my fullhearted admiration for your commitment to taking You and Your Life to the next level.


Judit O       







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