My writing journey 4

Write what should not be forgotten

When you run your private practice you never lose focus on maintaining and constantly improving your standards while ensuring the smooth functioning of all angles of services both in front and behind the scenes.

Part of your focus also includes planting new seeds for the future. There is no one to do it for you and no one to pick up the bills unlike when you are employed by someone or an organisation. We are lucky to have loyal families even in these times. I am slightly behind with writing this blog posting about my writing journey as life has taken a whirlwind since my last posting.

With the constantly changing government guidelines on how to work and live these days, it can be a bit of a challenge on how to steer our ship.

Although day schools and boarding schools announced that they are following government guidelines the reality is that every project and organisation is allowed to make up their own rules while stating that they are following government guidelines. With more restrictions are lifted it is a jungle out there.

Provisions vary from total lockdown until February 2021, while others open for some pupils and the other end of the spectrum has been allowing students to attend their special school every day like as before even if their parents are not critical workers.

Obviously we are eager to get back to providing our services as before, but not all cards are in our hands. It is time-consuming to find the right and workable way…

It is also important to mention the challenges brought up by the facts of how much each family’s fear factor differs and also their attitude to online sessions. I will hopefully write about these factors in more detail at some point.

My time was spent on providing online sessions, including online training for professionals, initial consultations online, actions related to ensuring that we can run our previously planned summer activities, writing up our new safety policies, designing the menu for the retreat, and organising everything else for our retreat and falling asleep in between writing the book.

Everything has to be thought of even ordering food online delivery for the retreat is still impossible. Happy to admit that all is in good hands now and we are nearly there.

Write what should not be forgotten.

The above sentence kept me going with the writing although I wrote a lot less than I hoped for. I am still mourning about my vision of how I wanted the book to look based on the sketches of the illustrator that has left. He said he will help to find a replacement, but I haven’t heard from him since. To be honest I am still finding it hard to understand why people have to lie and promise things when there is no need for it. I honestly do finding it hard even after so many years of living on this planet. Isn’t it easier to be honest and truthful and connect on a deeper more satisfying level or not at all? I wish him well though in his quest of existence. Whatever he is going through we could have healed it together with this work.

I have been looking for an answer; to find a reason for this defeat and my mind came up with the idea to use this defeat as an urge to greater effort. There is more required of me than I thought it would.

Everything has a silver lining they say in English and this experience taught me to reexamine yet again what I really want and how I prefer things to be in my life, from the smallest to the largest things that fill My Life.

Clarity is focus and it is important to tie up loose ends; let go of what doesn’t serve me, cherish even more, and spend time on doing what I value in my life.

I leave you with these thoughts as they are as relevant to our work as they are relevant to the parents raising their child with a neurologically based diagnosis.

If we want to change what doesn’t serve us the first step is to raise our standards and readjust our values.




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