Q&A What do we conductors bring to a multidisciplinary team?

Question: What do we conductors bring to a multidisciplinary team?
Answer: The very first thoughts came to mind after reading your email is a question

– ‘What does the multidisciplinary team could bring/add to a conductive team?
A conductive team that is a ‘cohesive whole’; interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary by its very own nature, but as well as it is a ‘stand-alone independent discipline in its own right’.

A discipline that is complex, demonstrating and addressing the complex nature of the human organism through its programmes and its system. Making use of connections and interactions necessary for actively participating in life.

We didn’t have and didn’t need a multidisciplinary team working with the conductive team at Petö. Regardless children and adults succeeded beyond the expectations of any multidisciplinary team.

Multidisciplinary teams with conductors don’t work whatever they’ve told you and however they’ve shined it up for you to make it look good.
By the very different nature of the conductor’s thinking and approach to teaching and guiding the individual to solve a problem makes it very difficult.
Just to give you a few examples from the endless:

The logic of the multidisciplinary team is that only things that you can comprehend are possible.

The belief of the conductive team is that structural alignment while actively moving is more important than passive positioning and strapping.

The multidisciplinary team focuses on ‘matter’ (how to fix the physical from the outside) but there is no expansion in matter

The conductive team begins their work by observing the person’s attitude to everything presented to them through operative and progressive observation. That is the starting point of our work. How are we going to engage that person from within to explore and learn ways of helping themselves. What CAN the person do?

A conductive team moves away from control to dynamic connectedness and by doing so it allows and guides the person to take control of their own lives.

Need I say more?

The world may never know or understand how much conductors who are conscientious suffer, trying to do their jobs properly in multidisciplinary teams.

That is my honest opinion as an old school conductor, speaking from the heart.

This is my truth…what I’ve seen, observed and also was told by other conductors while working in the world of rehabilitation for almost 4 decades.

What is their truth?

That is the reason my initial response was to turn the question around.

– ‘What does the multidisciplinary team could bring/add to a conductive team?

Of course it isn’t comfortable to talk about this but the danger is if you avoid discomfort in one area of life, you avoid discomfort in other areas of life.

You as a conductor if you are doing your job properly you have to give everything you’ve got no matter what you’re doing. This is because if you tolerate in yourself less than what you’re capable of in one area, it will start to ripple out to other areas and you will lower the standards you have for yourself and in your work. How can you develop mutual trust and respect with the children and the adults which are the foundation of our work and expect them to give their best otherwise? You are guiding them to build their own characters to be able to give everything they’ve got. In this way they feel significant and this sense of significance channeled in a productive way instead of manifesting in dysfunctional behaviour.

My wish is, that we conductors explore our discipline deeper, understand it more and practise it better so we can help people the way Dr András Petö intended us to do. We are given a gift and it must be treated as such.

Use it, breathe it, live it and be grateful for it.

What makes you ahead of the game is the willingness to make a decision others won’t make and by living your truth.

With my full hearted admiration to your commitment for taking You and Your Life to the next level.

Judit O

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