You are not separate from what you want, but you have to become greater than your environment

Spring has sprung and the sun is shining. It is an Easter weekend in the UK.

We have been in lockdown for 3 weeks now. Social distancing became a routine, everybody knows what they have to do and what they are expected to do. Three weeks is a long time and we all had to come terms with a completely new way of living.

Initially, we all wanted to get back where we left life as we knew it before. Then some of us started questioning if is it really what we want? What else is possible, what else can we do and do better?

You are not separate from what you want, but you have to become greater than your environment.

How can we find solutions to the problems we are all facing? By becoming greater, becoming more, and by looking for and finding greater solutions than what we have been taught and told before. It isn’t easy to step out of our comfort zones and deal with uncertainty for a little while until we give birth to new ideas and new ways. This is exactly what we do with the children and adults every day in our work. 

In most literature transformation takes 21 days to establish new routines. We had 21 days of confinement already. Since we had the lockdown our children could have established life-changing skills if they had some simple routines and if they practiced those every day. When one is initiated in Reiki on level one, level two and when becoming a master it takes 21 days for the body to adjust to the different frequency brought up by the initiation and to cleanse.

Dr. András Petö taught us that you can establish skills such as the ability to participate in eating and drinking and to be toilet trained in two weeks. Isn’t it inspiring and encouraging?

It was interesting to see what some of the parents witnessed and realised once they started our online programmes. Just to list a few:   

  1. Their children radically shifted their emotional states and their physiology within a matter of minutes, through simple movements and breathing and by being asked to perform functional activities which were guided by the parent for optimum performance.
  2. In our WORK we only use movement tasks to teach and train the brain and the body to be ‘fit’ for life, not for muscle fitness. 
  3. We don’t do exercises to get certain muscles stronger, but we teach their children to be fully aware of their whole body and adjust it while performing specific movements and functions. 


Have you ever seen a baby going to the gym, because they wanted to learn to sit and walk and hold onto a spoon or a pencil? 

Our children learn those skills in the same way as any human baby would learn to participate in our world.

This is what we do, teach them, guide them, challenge them and inspire them. Our method uses systems and strategies to bring about those functions and skill which come naturally for other children. 

Have a lovely Easter and remember what makes us human, art, music, the ability to heal ourselves, compassion, passion, empathy, and adaptability.

With my full-hearted admiration of your commitment to taking You and Your Life to the next level.

Judit O               

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