Summer Retreat 2023

  a place from which one’s strength is drawn,

where one feels at home;

the place where you are your most authentic self 


We are very excited about welcoming attendees  on our 11th Annual Conductive Education Retreat.

Our annual summer retreat was founded with the purpose of inspiring our participants with a unique and transformative experience.

Each retreat is designed as a completely personalised wellbeing experience tailored to individual needs.

2023 offers a range of familiar and new activities to enjoy and benefit from.

This retreat will give a unique opportunity to us all to better understand ourselves and others through new routines and new activities, compassionate encounters and mature dialogues.

Our intention is to support your child with a holistic and active way of living to nourish their physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Participants will have access to and will be offered opportunities to become familiar with practical tools and strategies that may inspire them to make helpful and positive life changes if they wish.

We will explore the transformative power of the following:

I.                    actively participating in daily functioning throughout the day
I.                    practising self-help skills, personal care
II.                 actively participating in movement classes

Additional activities:

o   Table Etiquette

o   Finding our Voice  

o   Happy Feet

o   Happy Hands

o   Mature Dialogues

o   Sundown Pamper Afternoon

o   Pizza making Cookery Class

o   Mocktail Competition

o   Smoothie Making Class

o   Formal Dinner Party 

o   Movie Night

o   Celebratory Afternoon Tea, Certificate Presentation Closing Event

Activities will also include Epsom salt foot baths, lavender wraps, extra massages for feet and legs to soothe and relax muscles.

If you would like your child to join us in 2024 complete the enquiry form below.







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