Untapped potentials hiding in plain site

Shifting from -What I am getting- to -What I am becoming.

The best part of my everyday work is when I see children growing from strengths to strengths daily while being part of families’ everyday lives that are chosen to transform theirs for the better in front of my eyes.

One of the lockdown’s best gifts was starting my online sessions with mothers and their babies and their older children.

This lead me to establish a – Home Model for Nurturing Children with a neurologically based diagnosis – and consequently to create

Quantum Neuro Transformation®  Authentic Human Performance Solutions.

For mothers to understand their children and know how to create a home with routines and strategies that will ensure their overall development, to know techniques and solutions essential for being able to guide them to learn new skills and to meaningfully participate in their own life is the most precious commodity for now and for the future to come.

Most parents’ heartfelt intention and dream is to get the best out of their children.

To be able to do it themselves and help their child while building a strong connection and enjoying the process is a special gift.

The gift that they learn to find within, cherish and give to themselves and their loved ones, making life a better place for all.

There are immeasurable benefits when parents are empowered, inspired and guided on how to help their children help themselves.

The evidence is inevitable and speaks for itself when parents know how to create a lifestyle that supports the long-term needs of their children success follows. 

Parenthood is a relationship, a connection on the most profound level. 

When this connection is weakened by simply viewing these children and treating them as a child with a diagnostic label or with a medical condition that has to be fixed (literally) and by the use of medical interventions, it leaves little space for the human element to be taken care of such as the development of an active, self-directed, problem-solving personality, individuality, and adaptability just to list a few. 

For me to see the potential hidden in plain sight is obvious, to be able to show it to parents is the most rewarding job.

Most families have already gone through a variety of different therapies.

It is so reassuring and enlightening to observe how babies respond to new challenges without any preconceived ideas about what is possible and without any filter.

They are so fresh and ready to give a go to many things and how they respond to life in comparison to their peer group that might have experienced unsuccessful attempts during interventions that are specifically designed to deal with localised problems and segregated dysfunctions of limbs and parts of the person.

The different mindsets of the parents, that form their beliefs, the way they relate to their children and as a consequence how their children respond are illuminating.

Design is everything… everything surrounds you and how you function and how you live your life is a design.



Attempting to sit before, resulting in swirling to the left and sliding off the chair.

                              With intelligent design, empowering the child and teaching her how to help herself without supportive seating.

Be mindful of the design you create and live by.

There is an intelligence and invisible life force that lives within us, an energy that we can consciously connect with to restore the body’s natural physiological balance and give a strong injection of life and rejuvenation to the whole body.

It is time to remember…

The Art of Upbringing Your Bespoke 10 Week Course

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