My writing journey 3

We are still in lockdown. Or are we?

Primary schools opened their doors last week and retail shops opened yesterday. To my surprise people who were very strong in their ‘stay at home and stay safe attitude’ were queuing up in shopping centers.

If you know me you know that I don’t like shopping so for me to wander around shelves of clothes is the last thing I would choose on a sunny summer day. Yes, it is summer whether we noticed it or not.

We are carrying on with our online sessions that turned out to be a blessing in so many ways, unlocking hidden potentials for transformation in the home environment. The positions of beds changed along with the use of furniture amongst many other internal things in each home we visit virtually.

I must admit that it has affected my writing since the illustrator’s departure despite the fact that he explained his personal reasons for it.

My writing routine has changed since instead of sitting at my desk I just write wherever I am, between online sessions, cooking, juicing, watching clips, walking with Finley.

I just scribble down notes as my thoughts flood my mind.

I had a course of distance biotherapy as my attempt and gift to myself to take care of myself in the lockdown which helped me greatly.

I feel like brand new and full of new ideas.

It is not whether you aim or not but how you approach your goal that determines the outcome. This is one of the fundamentals of our work and the tipping point of ultimate success or failure.

Just like how we approach life and our precious gift having a body.

I leave you with some thoughts to embrace and remember for -movements heal, -movement is life.

The physical process is non-negotiable when one is building self-esteem and one’s lifestyle.

Photo was taken in my kitchen.  My big bowl of grapes ready for juicing. Grape juice is one of the most cleansing fruit juices.





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